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A Memorial to the Bell System. February 6, 2001.

BIOC Agent 003's Basic Telecommunications Series:

Compiled Tutorial: The Phreaking Philosophy, The Phone Phreak's Ten Commandments, CN/A numbers, AT&T Newslines, Automatic Number Identification, Phreak newsletters, the Black Box, rotary dial locks, exchange scanning, free Touch-Tone calls, telco tracing

Basic Telecom Part 1: Long-Distance services, WATS extenders, How Ma Bell Catched Phone Phreaks

Basic Telecom Part 2: More AT&T newsline info, loops, 99xx scanning for test numbers, ANI

Basic Telecom Part 3: North American numbering plan, international dialing

Basic Telecom Part 4: Operators and telco office hierarchies, switching equipment, Electronic Switching System (ESS)

*Basic Telecom Part 5: Basic telephone electronics, Black Box, ringing, dialing, transmitter/receiver, hybrid/induction coil, sidetone, hold circuit

*Basic Telecom Part 6: Fortress (pay) Fones, coins/slugs, Green Box, physical attack methods (drilling locks, breaking coin box), Clear Box

*Basic Telecom Part 7: BLUE BOX. Inband signalling principles, detection, "pink noise," operator codes

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Telephone Technology Page. February 6, 2001.

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