Using a Lucent Wireless Card under Mac OS X 10.3 Panther

by Marion Bates <mbates at>

Last modified: December 31 1969 16:00:00

How to get a Lucent WaveLAN a.k.a. Orinoco 802.11b wireless wifi pcmcia pc card to work under Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther). (If anyone uses this method successfully under Tiger, please let me know! I haven't tried it yet.)

  1. Get the current stable (which is old -- says Jaguar) version of the wireless drivers from the WirelessDriver Homepage at Sourceforge.

  2. In Terminal, check to see if /Library/PreferencePanes exists; if not, do:
    ln -s /System/Library/PreferencePanes /Library/PreferencePanes

  3. Insert the WaveLAN card

  4. Install the Wireless Drivers package

  5. Shut down.

  6. Start up; run the wireless drivers installer again. It will detect that the package is already installed, and when you click the continue button, you will see the three options (driver, apps, pref pane), all unchecked. Check them all and hit the "Upgrade" button. YES THIS IS ABSURD but it worked for me.

  7. Shut down.

  8. Start up again and card should be recognized. Go to System Preferences -> Network and see if "en1" shows up.

  9. Go to the Wireless Config pref pane. If you're joining an open network, leave options alone; if you want to join a WEP-protected network, put its name in the box, then check the "Use WEP Encryption" box. Then select "Convert text to hex key" and type in the network's password. Hit Apply Now.

    NOTE: These are the methods that worked for my company's network; YMMV.

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