How to load a custom map in Unreal Tournament 2004 for Mac OS X

by Marion Bates <mbates _at_ whoopis dot com>

The instructions below use some filenames as examples, which apply to custom maps and models created in our lab. Yours will be completely different. If you're unsure, go by the filename extension.

  1. Quit Unreal Tournament 2004 if it's running. Find its application icon (default location is Applications folder) and right-click or control-click on it to bring up the contextual menu; select "Show Package Contents."

  2. Take the custom map parts and put them in their corresponding folders:

      In StaticMeshes folder, put all .usx files:
    • BatonRouge.usx
    • Baton_Rouge_Vehicles.usx
    • LA_Capital.usx
    • FallenCityMyLevel.usx
    • BatonRouge_Vehicles.usx

      In Textures folder, put all .utx files:
    • BatonRouge2.utx
    • BatonRouge.utx

      In Maps folder, put .ut2 file:
    • North920.ut2

      Other filename extensions and where they should go:
    • .ogg --> Music
    • .uax --> Sounds
    • .int --> System
    • .u --> System

  3. Close the Unreal Tournament 2004 package/folder, and launch the game.

  4. From the Unreal Tournament 2004 game menu, choose whatever game type, then choose the custom map from list. Or, from within the game, bring up the console (tilde key) and type
    map North920
    It should load. If you get errors, check that all the files are loaded into their correct places, are named correctly (no spaces, must match what they were when the map was compiled, and they need their filename extensions), and that supporting files are not missing.