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Macintosh Security Basics - Presentation Notes

OS X 10.2 Sharing pane

Sharing pane under Jaguar. The “Internet” tab lets you share your connection (i.e., act as a router) for other computers.

File Sharing

File Sharing is more intuitive, possibly less flexible
Most of these have the red symbol because this is not my user folder, so I can’t peek in those folders.
To begin with, File Sharing is more intuitive, if less flexible -- each user automatically has full permissions on his own directory, as well as a read-only folder for sharing things with users/Guests and a write-only DropBox. There is also a communal Shared folder which is read-only for all named users. The OS 9 sharing setup we went through for the two Joes etc. is basically the default setup for OS X sharing -- pretty much any permutation of privileges you would need is already available, just create your users and put the right things in the right folders.

Connecting to other servers

Go menu -> “Connect to Server…” or CMD-K

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