How to Create Announcement or "Read-Only" Lists in Mailman

Last modified: December 31 1969 16:00:00

  1. Add
    to /etc/mailman/

    You only have to do that once.

  2. When you create the new list, under the List Characteristics section, set the first option ("Should new members be quarantined...") to Yes.

  3. Edit the welcome message via the Edit the public HTML pages and text files link in the web admin interface, and word it such that it does not mention how to post to the list.

  4. Under the Digest section, set digestable to no.

  5. Under the NonDigest options section, turn on Full Personalization. In the msg_footer section, write something that tells them to send a message to "" if they want to unsubscribe, so they never need to know their password.

  6. Go to Privacy Options then Sender filters and set the member_moderation_action to Reject and add a nice rejection notice text to the following text box. Something like, "This is an announcement list. To reach us, please email"

    Set the generic_nonmember_action to discard.

    Set forward_auto_discards to no.

  7. Go to Privacy Options then Recipient Filters and set the max_num_recipients to 0. (This is optional, but if you want your approved posters to be able to send to multiple large lists at once, e.g. case where there is a list for the parents of each grade and the principal wants to send a mailing to ALL parents via sending to those four lists, then you need to do this.)

    Set require_explicit_destination to No. (Optional, but allows postings from approved senders to go through even if they put the list name in the bcc field.)

  8. Go to General options and scroll down to the Notifications section.

    Set send_reminders to no.

    Set send_welcome_msg to no.

    Set send_goodbye_msg to no.

    Set max_message_size to something sane, e.g. 4096.

    Set include_list_post_header to No.

  9. Go to Membership Management and mass-subscribe members via command-line tools or copy/paste/upload. Add approved posters as well. Then go to Membership List. For the list subscribers who are authorized to post announcements to the list, turn off their moderation flag so their postings go straight through (i.e. so they are UNmoderated.)

    In General Options, Set admin_notify_mchanges to yes.

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