Modified Snail Installation Howto

by Marion Bates <>

(Portions of the original README, by Joseph Hill, are excerpted here for clarity.)

snail from RPM:

  1. If you're running RedHat 7.3 on an i386, download the RPM from here. Then type (as root):
    rpm -Uvh snail-1.0.0-0.i386.rpm
  2. If this RPM is too old for your system, you can try building a new one (UNTESTED). Download the source RPM from here. Instructions for building source RPMs is outside the scope of this howto, but there's some very basic info and links in the sendmail auth howto on this site.

Here is the snail specfile for this RPM if you want to see what it does.

snail from source:

  1. Get snail.tar.Z (I DON'T KNOW WHERE! SORRY. I will post it here if I find it) and untar it. (tar -xvzf snail.tar.Z)
  2. Get dnd.tar.gz and untar that into a separate directory.
  3. Edit DND sourcefiles as follows: In dndlookup.c, go to line 46 and change
    extern char     *sys_errlist[];
    extern char     _sys_errlist[];
    Do the same on line 68 in libdnd.c.

    Go to line 1529 in libdnd.c, and remove or comment out the "static" part of the function declaration. I dunno what effect this has but it made it compile.

  4. Type "make" in the directory with the DND files.
  5. Copy libdnd.a to /usr/lib.
  6. Type "ldconfig" and wait til it's done.
  7. Edit /etc/hosts and add the following line:     kringle     dnd

    Edit /etc/services and add the following line:

    dnd	902/tcp	#Dartmouth Name Directory
  8. Move/copy everything in the DND directory (except for README and Makefile) into the snail directory.
  9. Edit include.h and change
    #include <dnd.h>
    #include "dnd.h"
  10. In dnd Makefile, edit INSTALL = installbsd to instead be INSTALL = install.
  11. Type "make" and then "make install"
  12. Run Snail! :)


  1. Edit etc/hosts such that your BlitzMail server (e.g. dasher) and dnd both resolve to your IP.
  2. Make the tunnel. Type:
    sudo ssh -g -L -L
  3. Run Snail over SSH! :)