THE KIEWIT NETWORK (19 August 1986)
29-line explanation.

Dartmouth's Kiewit Network lets individual users connect to many
different computers from a single terminal or personal computer.

Several host computers (including two DCTS systems, the on-line
catalog for the College libraries, DEC VAX computers running either UNIX
or DEC's VAX/VMS operating system and an IBM 4381 computer running the
VM/CMS operating system) are connected to the Kiewit Network. The Kiewit
Network may also be used to connect to public data networks -- such as GTE
Telenet and Tymnet -- and through them to other computers across the
United States and in other countries. For information on how to connect
to computers through the Kiewit Network, type EXPLAIN NETWORK CONNECTIONS,

Most academic and administrative buildings on campus are "hardwired"
to this network. The residence halls on campus are wired to the Kiewit
Network with a special AppleTalk network for use with Macintosh computers
running DarTerminal. Other users can telephone in (see EXPLAIN PHONES).

Besides using the network to communicate with a host computer, and
you can send electronic mail to anyone else who uses a host computer (see
EXPLAIN NETWORK MAIL and EXPLAIN MAIL), and you can transfer files between
host computers and between host and personal computers (see EXPLAIN

For information on network transmission speeds, see EXPLAIN NETWORK