[March 31]
me: dude they did the actcomm thing. holy shit.
me: I will work on the virtual host setup
Vince: really?
me: yeah no questions asked.
Vince: (BTW, can you put in a request for santorum.dartmouth.edu and point it to my machine?)
me: ROFL!!!!!

Vince: Man, seems we got mass tonight
me: yah? cool
Vince: A bunch of people are comming and Wayne is thinking of dragging out a keg
me: I will get meat and bring my patty-maker
me: holy shit awesome!
me: u got a blendeR?
Vince: Can we give you a shopping list for two more other things?
me: yes sure
Vince: food dremel
Vince: Here's annarita's bruchetta list:
Vince: Bread
Vince: Tomatoes
Vince: Oil of oil
Vince: Wayne and I laughed so hard this morning when she wrote that down

Vince: hypnos is down
me: why
Vince: because it stinks like poop
me: it got bored?
Vince: Yeah, it finally figured out how to masturbate, and in 8-way parelel that caused a power
surge that flooded the network with, say, "packets"
me: LOL
Vince: I'm actually trying to upgrade the OS to include all the possible devel libs
Vince: possibly it may work
Vince: or fuck up our shit good
Vince: I think we're going to end up with 3 different GCCs
me: nice
Vince: In the meantime I'm making paper airplanes, and planning my sporting event of the afternoon
me: excellent. We'll I'm about to commence fucking up www.pqsnet.net again, to make actcomm
live. So I apologize in advance for the issues that will inevitably arise
Vince: Oh, nice, that will because some circular cluster fuck
me: yep

me: if you can give me some kind of rough head count, that will help with the meat purchase
Vince: between 4 and 40
me: thanks faggot
Vince: you're welcome, CSW
me: LOL
Vince: rough estimate around 10-12
me: cool
me: you, me, zak, wayne, anna, ian, ?
me: alex?
Vince: yeah, alex, and possible bakos, and possibly chad
Vince: possibly gvc&susan
me: awesome
Vince: not sure if we need to feed the bunnies
me: bunnies?
me: as in playboy?
Vince: yeah, the girls you'll be hiring for the entertainmen value?
me: oh yeah thanks for the reminder. I'll bill it to Thayer
Vince: Under the name Cybenko-Berk

Vince: Ask Mark if he wants to come
me: will do
Vince: And Susan W. and the other one
me: Suzanne you mean -- and "the other one"? who?
Vince: yeah suzanne and (god I'm embarassed) Katie
me: haha why embarrassed
Vince: Cause I forgot her name
me: oh, so what
Vince: shouldn't go around forgetting people's names even tho my brain is pulp
me: sometimes I forget your name
Vince: suck my throbbing cock and choke on it
me: LMAO
Vince: allright, I'm going for some sporting
me: k
me: www.pqsnet.net will be a steaming pile of feces when you return.

Vince: I see santorum in the server room
me: LOL

[April 5]
me: one fucking hour of exercise yesterday, and I want to eat everything in sight
me: had a huge (tho pretty healthy) dinner last night around 6...was starving again by 9
me: got up today, ate whole can of fruit cocktail, didn't even take the edge off
me: I just had toast with a big fat slab of cream cheese and I WANT MORE.
me: hey what's that thing George emailed about yesterday -- an open house at our lab on Friday? Or did I misread it?
me: either way I have to cruise at 5 on Friday, but still curious about what the hell he's talking about.
Vince: ????
Vince: okay, eat more
Vince: I have the same problem
Vince: I tend to fix it by bringing extra food etc
Vince: food is good
Vince: Then, George has an email focus problem
Vince: he means to say to Glen, Doug, and Chad: go make the lab 219 look nice so that parents won't be mortified,
Vince: instead, he goes and sends everyone@everywhere.com an email saying in a particularly vague manner: "yeah, eh, people, eh, in the lab, eh, YAY"
me: ROFL

Vince: WTF wrong with our email system?
me: no idea?
Vince: Two people already complained to me that I've not been responsive to their emails, nor have my emails been reaching them.
Vince: Fucking shit
me: jeez
me: could be related to the DNS issue Mike emailed about earlier?
Vince: maybe
me: (did you get that email)
Vince: not really
me: ...
me: it's kind of a binary thing
me: either you got it or not?
Vince: I may or may not have received all or part of a message which I did not consider relevant
me: I see
me: you should make that your email sig.