The Dartmouth internet link was hosed for most of the day, which is just ducky since I chose today to bring my Mac from home and download >100MB of updates. Thanks! 300 bytes per second until like 3pm.

Here is some insanity. Brett (upstairs OS X user) wanted to test a chat client with me, because it's supposed to support encryption. Anyway he keeps emailing me to say "hey where are you? I IM'd you, you didn't respond" and I'm like "yes I DID!!!" over and over. This is so fucked up. See below

But wait there's more. I sent emails to a bunch of people today, including you guys, and no one fuckin replied and I was like "what a bunch of assholes" only now I realize that I cannot send email off the Dartmouth network. I can receive, but not send. And I can send and receive to other Dartmouth/Blitzmail users. I called the machine room guys and they tell me I'm full of shit. 9 or 10 different recipients on different servers all over the country didn't receive my email, but there's no problem here! Right, bullshit. So I tried to call Vinny since he never got my email, but a) cell phone battery is dead, b) I got an "all circuits are busy" message when I tried to call on the landline. Total telecommunications meltdown.

nu11dev1ce: hi
btofel: seeing this now?
nu11dev1ce: I was still in the AIM client, I could see your IMs but apparentl
you couldnt see mine
nu11dev1ce: yes I see that
nu11dev1ce: are you seeing this?
nu11dev1ce: hi...
nu11dev1ce: can you see this
btofel: hmm...
nu11dev1ce: yes...
btofel: no luck huh?
nu11dev1ce: can you see this?
nu11dev1ce: lol
btofel: test test test
nu11dev1ce: YES YES YES
AIM: btofel has logged off
AIM: btofel has logged on
btofel: can u hear me now?
AIM: btofel has logged off
btofel did not receive previous message because of error.: btofel is not
AIM: btofel has logged on
btofel: can u hear me now?
nu11dev1ce: yes!
nu11dev1ce: yes
nu11dev1ce: yes
btofel: i am running the plain old OS X aim client now though
nu11dev1ce: can you hear me?
nu11dev1ce: ok
nu11dev1ce: lol
btofel: but most importantly i took away the damn block fire set on your
nu11dev1ce: lol!
btofel: ok back to fire , i'll see how that goes, hold on
AIM: btofel has logged off
btofel did not receive previous message because of error.: btofel is not
AIM: btofel has logged on
btofel: hey can you hear me from Fire?
btofel: just have that other person aim me if you can't 
AIM: btofel has logged off
AIM: btofel has logged on
AIM: btofel has logged off
btofel did not receive previous message because of error.: btofel is not
btofel did not receive previous message because of error.: btofel is not
btofel did not receive previous message because of error.: btofel is not
btofel did not receive previous message because of error.: btofel is not
AIM: btofel has logged on
btofel: hey well Fire is really giving me problems
nu11dev1ce: yes I see you, sorry I'm too slow! 50 things happening at once lol
nu11dev1ce: LOL
btofel: I am going back to Fire to try one more time
nu11dev1ce: it was randomly quitting on me before, but it seemed happier if I
quit AIM first
nu11dev1ce: ok
btofel: quitting aim client now
AIM: btofel has logged off
AIM: btofel has logged on
nu11dev1ce: hi
nu11dev1ce: hi
nu11dev1ce: hi
btofel: wahoo!
nu11dev1ce: you can see that?
btofel: yes
btofel: ok
btofel: let's try this GPG thing
btofel: here comes my public key, ready
btofel: ?
nu11dev1ce: did you get mine?
nu11dev1ce: ok
btofel: no but i may not have been "ready"
btofel: try again
nu11dev1ce: no but I emailed it to you this morning lol
btofel: you did?
btofel: !
nu11dev1ce: LOL! We are in alternate dimensions or something
btofel: yeah!
btofel: no really I never got mail from you. was it to my ists addr
ĄPublic key sent to btofel
nu11dev1ce: LOL yes
nu11dev1ce: I swear to god. I checked sent messages and it was there
btofel: who know where it went then, let me check my deletes
nu11dev1ce: did you get it just now in Fire? It says "ĄPublic key sent to
btofel" after I pasted it in.
btofel: no but let me try to encrypt this windows now and see if your name
appears on the list
nu11dev1ce: ok but...if you dont have my key, how can it encrypt?
btofel: yeah well I thought maybe they forgot to notify me
btofel: plus not sure how it will link it to your screen name
btofel: ...?
nu11dev1ce: lol ok
nu11dev1ce: send me your key?
btofel: ok
nu11dev1ce: so we can both attempt? lol
btofel: it said it sent
btofel: did you get it?
nu11dev1ce: no ROFL
nu11dev1ce: email
btofel: ok
btofel: looking for that
nu11dev1ce: mbates@ists
btofel: oh i thought you were resending via email, i know your addr
nu11dev1ce: ok -- I will email you my pub key, and you email me yours. 
btofel: ok mine is off
btofel: i george still there? he's my ride into town
nu11dev1ce: yeah
nu11dev1ce: I got yours, importing and setting trustlevel...
btofel: ok well i gotta get going. wife is waiting and all that. more again
tomorrow >
AIM: btofel has logged off
Meanwhile, simultaneous IM session with Lee, who acted as translator while Brett and I were in a black hole. And while this was all happening, Lee and I were trying to figure out why email is fucked on the whoopis machine...still working on that right now...anyway so two conversations intertwining (and now I know why whoopis mail was wasn't. Problem is at Dartmouth) (but Lee was also getting screwed by AOL so multiple concurrent unrelated problems -> psychological break)
smashingmoby1016: this is weird, how could you get mine but i can't get your
nu11dev1ce: yeah I dunno. Could be that Dartmouth is having trouble sending? I
am not seeing everything in the mail log on whoopis
nu11dev1ce: that I should be seeing
nu11dev1ce: can you see this, by the way? God everything is broken today.
smashingmoby1016: the IMs? yeah
nu11dev1ce: ok lol thanks
smashingmoby1016: no, i have no idea what you're saying 
smashingmoby1016: duh
nu11dev1ce: LOL
nu11dev1ce: I am trying to do this test with a friend, cuz this chat client is
supposed to support encryption but we can't see each others IMs apparently
nu11dev1ce: I keep IMing him and he keeps emailing me saying like "where are
you? I IMd you"
smashingmoby1016: LOL!
smashingmoby1016: want me to try IMing him maybe?
nu11dev1ce: yeah rofl tell him you know me  LOL he just emailed me again he's
like "problems?" I'm like "DUDE I IM'D YOU LIKE 50 TIMES" LOL
smashingmoby1016: LOL!
nu11dev1ce: I just asked him if he's even getting my emails lol! this is like
marco polo or something
smashingmoby1016: SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 [4:48 PM]: hi, I'm a friend of Marion's. Can
you see this?
btofel [4:48 PM]: yes
nu11dev1ce: no marco polo works better
smashingmoby1016: LOL!
nu11dev1ce: ok...W T F
smashingmoby1016: should i try the private chat room thing?
nu11dev1ce: um I think this client doesn't support it. I am starting to think
this client is a steaming pile of poop, actually.
smashingmoby1016: LOL
smashingmoby1016: btofel [4:50 PM]: buggy client I think I think she is being
blocked because i hit block by accident
btofel [4:50 PM]: and the UI on this won't show that she is blocked but is
still behaving as if it was.
smashingmoby1016: btofel [4:50 PM]: let me see if I can purge the prefs
nu11dev1ce: LOL!
nu11dev1ce: "What chat client do you use?" "Oh, I use SmashingMoby1016 it works
really well" duh
smashingmoby1016: LOL!
nu11dev1ce: btofel: test test test
nu11dev1ce: YES YES YES
AIM: btofel has logged off
nu11dev1ce: lol
smashingmoby1016: LMAO wtf
nu11dev1ce: that was from a couple mins ago, maybe he is trying to fix the
block thing
nu11dev1ce: lol
smashingmoby1016: oh lol
smashingmoby1016: 'no! WAIT!'
nu11dev1ce: lol!
nu11dev1ce: btw I just asked Bill to send us each a test email to our whoopis
accounts, to see wtf the problem is. He's not on the Dartmouth net so it ought
to help narrow down the problem.
nu11dev1ce: can you see this? duh j/k
nu11dev1ce: CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? duh
nu11dev1ce: is there anybody...out...there... (pink floyd)
smashingmoby1016: LOL sorry, had to do something that i thought would only take
smashingmoby1016: I'll check my mail
nu11dev1ce: LOL!
nu11dev1ce: I dont think he's sent it yet
smashingmoby1016: ok
nu11dev1ce: or maybe he didn't see my IM DUH!
smashingmoby1016: LOL!
smashingmoby1016: did he respond to it?
nu11dev1ce: ...not yet
smashingmoby1016: oh...I'll IM him 
smashingmoby1016: just in case
smashingmoby1016: ok well HOPEFULLY he's just afk
nu11dev1ce: ok cool thanks
nu11dev1ce: yeah he just replied to me, cool
nu11dev1ce: OMFG btofel allocates roughly 4 seconds to me to respond then he
signs off. WTF lol
smashingmoby1016: LOL
nu11dev1ce: I am TOO SLOW lol
smashingmoby1016: lol!
nu11dev1ce: hey did you get Bills email?
smashingmoby1016: oh yeah, one sec
smashingmoby1016: yup i got it
nu11dev1ce: ok...I got it would appear that Dartmouth blows dead rats.
smashingmoby1016: LMAO
smashingmoby1016: ok, just got this:btofel [5:08 PM]: frickin piece o crud
Fire app that is, she is blocked,
the damn program has squirreled that info away forever
nu11dev1ce: LOL
nu11dev1ce: rofl that almost sounds like a haiku
smashingmoby1016: so what are you trying to fix now? lol
nu11dev1ce: god...everything    trying to find out if Bill got my reply (email)
-- he didn't. wtf? why is everything different every day?
smashingmoby1016: lol, yeah, weird
smashingmoby1016: did you finally talk to btofel? he said he got you unblocked
nu11dev1ce: yeah now we're trying to do the encryption part
smashingmoby1016: ok cool
smashingmoby1016: 'cept looks like he just signed off
nu11dev1ce: yeah he just walked down here, laughing. He has to leave.   we will try
again! thanks for the help btw.
smashingmoby1016: np 
smashingmoby1016: argh! Bill didn't get my reply either
nu11dev1ce: yeah we're working on it...something is hosed lol
smashingmoby1016: lol
smashingmoby1016: brb
AIM: smashingmoby1016 has logged off
AIM: smashingmoby1016 has logged on
smashingmoby1016: so how ya doin'?
nu11dev1ce: f--k email lol
smashingmoby1016: LOL!
smashingmoby1016: so what are you doing now then?
nu11dev1ce: still trying to figure out why email is messed up. Bill is helping.
smashingmoby1016: oh, thought you had just forsaken it
nu11dev1ce: LOL
nu11dev1ce: no I'd like to!
smashingmoby1016: oh 
nu11dev1ce: still might be ok now, at least for my account,
dunno about yours
smashingmoby1016: ah
nu11dev1ce: I'm not on crack, am I? You WERE able to send and receive mail a
few days ago...right? I don't understand how this stuff can just randomly alter
its own behavior. LOL
smashingmoby1016: yeah, majorly odd...
smashingmoby1016: wait a sec, it couldn't have anything to do with adding my PT
IP to your server would it? I guess that wouldn't matter, you're just telling
the server a number...
nu11dev1ce: no that shouldn't matter except when you're at PT. I just sent you
another test email, this time from MY whoopis account (bypass Dartmouth
altogether) -- can you see if you got it, and if so, reply?
smashingmoby1016: hold on a sec, now OUTLOOK is acting crackheaded! ahhh!
nu11dev1ce: LOL!
smashingmoby1016: LMAO
smashingmoby1016: ok I got the email! now i'll reply
nu11dev1ce: ok
nu11dev1ce: this is EMAIL fachrissakes. It shouldn't be THIS HARD.
smashingmoby1016: LOL, ok sent a reply
nu11dev1ce: ok waiting
smashingmoby1016: 'outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) mail
nu11dev1ce: omfg wtf
nu11dev1ce: ok hangon
smashingmoby1016: k
nu11dev1ce: ok friggin try again JESUS lol

Help me.