NOTE see howtos page for the actual how-to.

nu11dev1ce (12:56:14 PM): do you have any idea what a PAIN IN THE ASS it is to ADD A FUCKING HARD DISK in Windows? JESUS. I thought scsi voodoo was annoying but I'd kill for scsi right now

nu11dev1ce (12:58:07 PM): step one: set jumpers. Oh wait, the jumper diagram shows six possible configurations and the one you need to use depends on the drive geometry. Which of course I can't know because, well, I'm holding the fucking drive in my hand and I can't figure out its geometry until I put it in a goddamn computer and look at it. Which I can't do unless I set the jumpers properly such that it can be seen by the computer. Which I can't do unless I know the drive geometry...which...[BLAM.]

nu11dev1ce (12:58:57 PM): ok so step 1 is to guess the jumper settings. Step 2: boot windows. It doesn't see any new drive. run fdisk from DOS. fdisk wants to know if I want to repartition the old drive. No, I actually would like to keep my 17 GB of west wing episodes asshole, thank you anyway.

nu11dev1ce (12:59:36 PM): step 3: boot Linux. It sees the drive just fine. Run fdisk in Linux, create DOS partitions (cuz linux fdisk knows how to do that). Reboot into Windows. It still doesn't see the damn drive.

nu11dev1ce (1:00:09 PM): step 4: google for help. Find four howtos, all wildly different, all describing how to do things which are almost, but not quite, the same as what I'm trying to do.

nu11dev1ce (1:00:56 PM): step 5: reboot again, go into BIOS, tell it explicitly that there is a new hard drive on the ide bus. Shouldn't matter at all, since if it was a BIOS thing, Linux wouldn't have seen the drive either...right?

nu11dev1ce (1:01:13 PM): step 6: reboot into Windows. Run fdisk. fdisk now crashes.

nu11dev1ce (1:01:36 PM): reboot into linux. run linux fdisk, wipe new drive. no partitions defined -- nothin. Tabula rasa. Reboot into Windows.

nu11dev1ce (1:02:01 PM): Step 7: fdisk from Windows. At long last, it sees the second drive. Make partition, format, etc. all seems well now.

nu11dev1ce (1:02:08 PM): I have been working on this since 10am. It's now 1pm.

nu11dev1ce (1:04:37 PM): I hate Windows.