SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:10:30 AM): yo :-)
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:13:12 AM): there are actually 4 commands for just the helicopter unfortuneatly, then there are the _special2 and buildspecial2 commands
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:13:56 AM): first of all the helicopter starts out with 9 ammo units
nu11dev1ce (10:14:14 AM): yeah
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:15:22 AM): _special2 launches a normal rocket, you can control it's direction by moving the mouse around, which also moves the helicopter
nu11dev1ce (10:15:35 AM): right -- got that so far
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:15:47 AM): heheh :-) that costs one ammo unit
nu11dev1ce (10:16:08 AM): ok
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:16:14 AM): builspecial2 drops a bomb directly under the helicopter which also costs 1 ammo unit
nu11dev1ce (10:16:27 AM): holy shit
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:16:34 AM): lol, but wait there's more
nu11dev1ce (10:16:37 AM): LOL
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:17:12 AM): you may have noticed a little green stick figurish icon on the right side of the screen when you're in the helicopter
nu11dev1ce (10:17:40 AM): yes -- the auto-target system
nu11dev1ce (10:17:46 AM): no wait that's on left
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:18:10 AM): lol, when you see this, using "hellfire" will launch a hellfire rocket, which will automatically home in on the target and probably kill it, because it's very powerful
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:18:22 AM): 2 ammo units for that one
nu11dev1ce (10:18:39 AM): wtf? So bind a key to "+hellfire"?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:18:45 AM): just hellfire
nu11dev1ce (10:18:50 AM): ok ...WOW
nu11dev1ce (10:19:02 AM): save AIM transcript as "OMFG.txt"
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:19:02 AM): yeah, there's three more binds :\
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:19:06 AM): LOL
nu11dev1ce (10:19:14 AM): You need like 3 keyboards to play this game lol
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:19:18 AM): lol!
nu11dev1ce (10:20:20 AM): actually prolly what people do is make several config files, and load them as needed depending on class
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:20:47 AM): yeah, you could even bind a key to execute the config file
nu11dev1ce (10:20:54 AM): lol
nu11dev1ce (10:20:57 AM): true
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:21:01 AM): or use Alt + some key
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:21:09 AM): there's a way to do that
nu11dev1ce (10:21:16 AM): hmmm
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:21:25 AM): i know how, but i'm okay for now
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:21:33 AM): i could teach you if need be though :-)
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:21:48 AM): i've actually got all my binds together
nu11dev1ce (10:22:06 AM): yeah? is it easy to copy-paste into aim?
nu11dev1ce (10:22:14 AM): if not, no prob
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:22:40 AM): yeah, but i have to edit it, a friend taught my how, and he has it configured for counter-strike
nu11dev1ce (10:22:49 AM): ah ok
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:22:58 AM): i'll email/IM it as soon as I TF-ify it
nu11dev1ce (10:23:10 AM): cool thanks!
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:23:22 AM): np, anyway back to the helicopter. There's "toggleboost", when you press this, the helicopter will fly much faster for 10 seconds, then after that you have to wait another 5 seconds to use it again
nu11dev1ce (10:23:50 AM): ok wow
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:24:13 AM): heheh 2 more
nu11dev1ce (10:24:38 AM): jesus! lol
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:24:38 AM): "togglehover" will stop the helicopter from moving, very useful
nu11dev1ce (10:24:47 AM): YES I was wishing for that last night
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:24:52 AM): it will just hover where it is :_
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:24:56 AM): *:-) lol
nu11dev1ce (10:25:00 AM): lol
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:25:53 AM): last but not least, "toggleview" Since you're remote-controlling the helicopter, you can view from inside it, or from normal soldier view.
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:26:41 AM): you can fully control the helicopter from both views
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:26:50 AM): THINK OF THE POSSIBILTIES! :-)
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:27:16 AM): lol, you can have the helicopter parked somewhere, and shoot soldier rockets, and chopper rockets at the same time!
nu11dev1ce (10:27:21 AM): OMG! \
nu11dev1ce (10:27:26 AM): ow my brain!!!!
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:28:09 AM): LOL not to mention dropping bombs, shootiing hellfires (because the icon comes up, so you can shoot em from wherever you may be)
nu11dev1ce (10:28:14 AM): I was already confusing myself last night -- it seemed that I could sort of "park" the helicopter on the ground, and then control my soldier-self, but from 3rd person the chopper is watching the soldier, and both are me...JESUS
nu11dev1ce (10:28:23 AM): Insane!
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:28:28 AM): LOL
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:28:36 AM): i know, it's so cool
nu11dev1ce (10:28:48 AM): yeah -- out-of-body-experience
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:29:17 AM): since your mouse movement conrtols where you aim as both soldier and helicopter, you can shoot rockets at the same time, aiming at the same place
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:29:22 AM): *controls
nu11dev1ce (10:30:01 AM): ok...this explains why I was repeatedly killing myself with soldier rockets while in chopper -- I was prolly aiming at my own feet every time lol
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:30:09 AM): lol!
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:31:25 AM): i think I've covered everything now, except for specific stuff
nu11dev1ce (10:31:41 AM): lol
nu11dev1ce (10:31:51 AM): I am still somewhat confused about demoman
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:32:01 AM): was just about to ask about that
nu11dev1ce (10:32:11 AM): seems like there are landmines and sensor mines, and the sensor mines tell you when nme is there
nu11dev1ce (10:32:20 AM): then you can hit detspecial and blow em all
nu11dev1ce (10:32:31 AM): but do sensor mines ALSO go off if nme steps on them?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:32:40 AM): yeah builspecial builds a landmine and buildspecial2 builds a sensor mine
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:32:53 AM): both of them must be detonated manually with detspecial
nu11dev1ce (10:32:55 AM): k and you get to lay 2 mines total at any one time, right?
nu11dev1ce (10:32:58 AM): AH ok.
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:32:59 AM): right
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:33:22 AM): both of them will explode after two minutes regardless, kinda like the pipe bombs
nu11dev1ce (10:33:28 AM): ok cool
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:34:09 AM): when an enemy comes in range of the sensor mine, it will beap loudly, and a message will come up on your screen saying "enemy in range of sensore mine, detonate now!"
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:35:03 AM): you can completely own any area by putting down two sensor mines, and 8 pipes, so when the enemy comes in range, you can detonate both :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:35:03 AM): ok -- but can't they step on normal landmines and blow themselves up that way also?
nu11dev1ce (10:35:09 AM): OMG wow
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:35:21 AM): ya, pretty cool
nu11dev1ce (10:35:32 AM): so detspecial also dets pipes? Or you just hit two keys?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:35:41 AM): just hit both keys
nu11dev1ce (10:35:49 AM): k cool :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:36:07 AM): that IS nice. Takes care of the problem where you have to sit there watching your pipes.
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:36:16 AM): lol yup
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:36:30 AM): regular landmines are kind of useless actually, they act the same of sen mines, except the don't beep or make a message come up, so you have to camp with those too
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:37:16 AM): better to just build 2 sensor mines, BUT if you don't think an enemy will notice a regular landmine, and you can camp there, it's sometimes better to lay regular mines
nu11dev1ce (10:37:36 AM): hmmm ok -- cuz otherwise THEY hear the beep right?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:37:59 AM): yeah everyone hears the sensor mine beep, and unless you have really fast reflexes, they'll run away in time
nu11dev1ce (10:38:16 AM): aaahhh
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:38:31 AM): then they can stand far away from the mine and detonate it by shooting at it
nu11dev1ce (10:38:38 AM): lol k
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:39:52 AM): lol, you could put pipes and/or a regular landmine around the senor mine, so when they run away, they might run toward those :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:41:39 AM): lol!
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:41:49 AM): a lot of new strategic possibilities in Neo :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:41:52 AM): dude my brother will be all over that shit.
nu11dev1ce (10:41:58 AM): he LOVES setting traps.
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:42:12 AM): good! maybe he'll come back from Castle Wolfenstein
nu11dev1ce (10:42:14 AM): he used to go crazy with the tripmines and satchel charges in original HL
nu11dev1ce (10:42:16 AM): yeah!
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:42:22 AM): lol
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:43:23 AM): you should tell him to try it out
nu11dev1ce (10:43:44 AM): I did -- he's interested :-)
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:44:00 AM): eeexcellent
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:45:52 AM): anything else you were having trouble with?
nu11dev1ce (10:46:39 AM): Um...don't think so -- still learning. :-) I got so obsessed with the helicopter that I sorta stopped exploring the other classes lol. We were on Turkeyburgers and it was KILLER.
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:46:59 AM): lol! awesome, i never thought of that :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:47:06 AM): I might've already asked you this, but besides grapple hook, does HW have any special abilities?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:47:28 AM): no, but if a teammate comes close to an hw, he/she recieves full armor
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:47:48 AM): you already asked that, but I forgot to mention that part
nu11dev1ce (10:48:10 AM): oh ok cool
nu11dev1ce (10:48:18 AM): that's sort of nice
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:48:51 AM): yeah, so did you experiment with all 8 MGs lastnight? :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:49:36 AM): lol! Prolly not all of them -- a few. We were totally into the tesla coil. :-) We tried soldier, HW, pyro mg's...
nu11dev1ce (10:49:41 AM): what does medic do?
nu11dev1ce (10:49:56 AM): (to an mg)
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:50:24 AM): it's a pretty cool one, it launches flying skulls at the enemy that infect him as if he had been hit by an nme medpack
nu11dev1ce (10:50:37 AM): OMG wow Bill will LOVE that.
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:50:41 AM): lol
nu11dev1ce (10:50:52 AM): the HW one shoots weird cloudy things, what are they supposed to be?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:50:54 AM): when you get hit by one the victim shrieks and screams and whatnot
nu11dev1ce (10:50:57 AM): LOL!
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:51:03 AM): oh, "exploding crowbars"
nu11dev1ce (10:51:23 AM): ah ok that's what Bill thought, I didn't get a good enough look. Cool.
nu11dev1ce (10:51:28 AM): what does a scout do?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:51:38 AM): both MGs are kind of weak, but the med one has good range and infects
nu11dev1ce (10:51:45 AM): nice
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:51:49 AM): scout makes the "displacer"
nu11dev1ce (10:51:52 AM): ?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:52:35 AM): it looks like a tesla coil, but when an nme comes in range it zaps them and continuelly teleports them to completely random locations on the map, hurting them the whole time
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:52:57 AM): while we were playing on 2fort yesterday we made one, remember?
nu11dev1ce (10:53:50 AM): lol not really...but sounds neat
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:54:01 AM): lol ok
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:54:30 AM): the soldier MG is kinda weak and has a low rate of fire, but it's the smallest one and can be kind of hidden :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:55:24 AM): yeah noticed that. Cool. I also really like how the sniper's rocket launcher blends in with all the packs. :-) nice touch.
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:55:45 AM): heheh, those shoot down nme rockets too, if you noticed
nu11dev1ce (10:55:56 AM): wait...what does?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:56:04 AM): the sniper pack thingy
nu11dev1ce (10:56:12 AM): automatically?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:56:14 AM): yup
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:56:31 AM): we need to get on a server and just experiment, not really play
nu11dev1ce (10:56:38 AM): WOW cool. I probably saw it happen, but just assumed it was more chaos and didn't make the connection. :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:56:41 AM): yeah!
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:57:24 AM): lol yeah, maybe we could password the server for a while and get everyone on 2fort and have a little "tutorial" :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:57:27 AM): we could password-protect Ded5 temporarily, may
nu11dev1ce (10:57:32 AM): yeah zactly. :-)
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:57:32 AM): lol
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:59:06 AM): you can make a spot almost invinceable if you 1) build an SG and MG 2) have a sniper build a pack to shoot down nme rockets 3) have a soldier build a SAM 4) have a medic build an anti-grenade/healing pod
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:59:30 AM): also, a dispenser would be helpful i suppose :-)
nu11dev1ce (10:59:35 AM): lol!
nu11dev1ce (10:59:52 AM): brb
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:59:55 AM): OH, and if a medic touches a normal dispenser, it turns into one that gives ammo, armor, and health points
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (10:59:58 AM): lol ok
nu11dev1ce (11:02:11 AM): oh wow
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:02:22 AM): :-)
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:02:44 AM):
have you tried the pyro jetpack and freeze thing? those are FUN
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:03:16 AM):
the freeze is really powerful too, i've frozen and hw and then killed him with a crowbar :-)
nu11dev1ce (11:03:17 AM):
lol not yet -- Bill did pyro w/ freeze, but I dunno if he tried jetpack. Is it like spy hoverboard?
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:03:48 AM): no, it basically makes you jump really high, it costs about 20 armor
nu11dev1ce (11:03:56 AM): oh ok cool
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:04:42 AM): all you have to do is look up and hit _special2 and you'll go very high
nu11dev1ce (11:04:54 AM): cool :-)
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:05:13 AM): you can easily fly from sniper deck to sniper deck on 2fort, and you can jump out of water, etc.
nu11dev1ce (11:05:21 AM): wow
nu11dev1ce (11:06:35 AM): usually I don't like this type of mod stuff -- GirlPower was different, WAY too confusing and too imbalanced (one class could totally own every other). But this one seems to be well-balanced and relatively sensible. I like the enforced teamwork thing too with the mg's. It's badass.
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:07:20 AM): yeah, when someone told me about it i thought 'how could this work?' but it is really balanced
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:08:17 AM): also, almost every class now can jump high: scout still has conc nade and can use engie's bounce pad, sniper can use bounce pad, soldier can still rocket jump, demo can still pipe jump, med can use bounce pad and conc nade, hw can hoist himself up with grappling hook, pyro has jetpack, spy has hoverboard and i think can use bounce pad, and engie can use bounce pad
nu11dev1ce (11:08:34 AM): wow lol!
nu11dev1ce (11:09:03 AM): add sv_gravity 200 and it'll be like the battle room in Ender's Game lol
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:09:03 AM): :-) i still haven't gotten the conc-jumping down
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:09:28 AM):
lol, i promise to read that book someday
nu11dev1ce (11:09:29 AM):
it's not easy ESPECIALLY with even a moderately crappy ping. It's like the server drops data and you only get half a boost. :-(
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:09:55 AM): oh, yeah i know
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:10:39 AM): yo, i got english now, but i _think_ i can get back on AIM
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:11:15 AM): ahh gtg, tty soon!
nu11dev1ce (11:11:21 AM): ok cool! I'll be back in like 5 minutes, ttyl? Thanks again for all the newb support. :-)
“SmAsHiNgMoBy1016” signed off at 11:11:22 AM.
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:48:02 AM): by the way, something i forgot to tell you before: spies can "hear" enemy team talk
nu11dev1ce (11:48:20 AM): OH ok I kept seeing (ENEMY) before some chat
nu11dev1ce (11:48:24 AM): now it makes sense
SmAsHiNgMoBy1016 (11:48:57 AM): yup, heheh, and if you're far away from the person talking the text will be all garbled
nu11dev1ce (11:49:05 AM): WOW LOL!