This SA goon named Vorgen responded to another user in a thread about crime.

dmtnyc posted:
"Let's say I have 100 people to tell you about. 99 of them are nice, decent people who work hard, live a boring life, and die in their sleep at 80. Number 100 is a complete nutjob who murdered 15 people in one night and then raped a nun. Now who do you think is gonna make the evening news? I think our view of humanity is actually horribly skewed by all these exceptions to the rule running around shitting in corners. It's not like the world is full of saints, but you're gonna notice the crazy fuckers first because, well, they're fucking crazy."

Well, I'm starting to think that out of the 100 people, 1 of them is a complete nutjob who murdered 15 people in one night and raped a nun, yes. But there are 44 more who are jealous of the balls of the complete nutjob to act out the fantasies that they all unknowingly share but are too scared of dying to actually do. Instead, they channel their energies into messed up art. 13 people only wanted to rape nuns, and think the murderer+nunraper was a fucking whackjob. 12 others only want to murder, and think raping nuns is sick.

That leaves 30 relatively normal people who will only kill in self-defense of themselves or their relatives. Out of these 30 people, 10 of them have to be cops to keep the weirdos in line. That leaves 20 to pretend that life is beautiful and grand and they aren't surrounded by complete nutjobs.

This is my current theory of life. If you'd like to prove me wrong, please do so.