What are the SA forums like?

The first image is of the current threads in the main SA forum, "General Bullshit". Note the specific, meaningful thread titles and the appropriate use of icons (left column) to indicate category.

And here's some of the content of a single GBS thread:

Contrast this with the FYAD forum:

Note that gigantic picture signatures, empty posts or posts with just an emoticon, and trolling with stuff like "this thread sucks" are all bannable offenses in GBS. FYAD ("Fuck You And Die") is the evil brother of GBS, and in general, the regulars of each forum despise and shit on the regulars of the other.

The row of smiling fruit in the FYAD posts is actually the signature separator. In a normal forum, it's usually a horizontal line or a row of dashes; but you can pay $2 to SA and replace all FYAD signature dividers with the obnoxious image of your choice, and it's retroactive. So anyone with a sig will be stuck with your shitty image right above their (likely even shitter) sig. Prior to the dancing fruit, the divider was a massive animated GIF of silhouettes performing curling. (a user comment: "so the subject of this sig divider is that you have to clear a path for a dog turd? Why do they give up in the end too?")

Admins and mods participate enthusiastically in FYAD madness. Example: Josh "Livestock" Boruff (an admin) posted a thread entitled "Post in here and your name will suddenly change to something stupid". His opening post said, "SO DON'T POST IN HERE YOU IDIOT". Here's the rest of the thread (just username and post content):

dirty carlos manic: okay
Cattle Car: yeah let's do this
Last Train to Newark: IM TALL GERMAN JOEY
Miss Busty Cloaca: my shirt is no longer indigo
Danny Manic's 3rd Brother: posting in thread regardless of consequences
Classic Comeback: what upsets me the most about search being disabled is i can't do my daily "find something to ban Bum The Sad about" in the wowgoons forums
Clown Diagrams: sure why not
King Colostomy: ivestock will try to change my name but will find himself renaming me the exact same thing due to my mental powers also because he is weak from poor nutrition
Queen Ileostomy: do it do it do it NAME ME SOMETHING TO DO WITH UNICORNs plz
The GBS Experience: no way jose
Space Jew: postin
Sally Stretchmarks: Mmmmm, I would fuck that skeletal bitch.
2nd Place Goon: awww here it goes
Gnome Rapist: i got skeletor panties last time this happened
Big Maroon: mmm ok
Industrial Earmuffs: hey josh... what's up maN....
Dream me up, Scotty: posting
NET WT 30 OZ: oh god my username sucks please change it
Vagrantarium: oh boy i've never had a name change before
"Robert": hey dudes
Inverted Tornado: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bop
TOPLESS GIRL: What does this do again?
Typical FYAD Poster: what does this button do
Latina Pride: I should really be asleep
Livestock: okay i think that's enough for now
Mrs. Badcrumble: posting safely :whew:
The Saddest Goon: sweet edit: FUCKCKCKCKCKCKCK
Mother Theresa: YEAH
Nutmeg: oh holy shit i just noticed what thread i posted in I DIDNT MEAN TO POST IN THIS THREAD PLEASE POSTCOCK THIS AND MY PREVIOUS POST
Bone Machine: So what name did I get? Just tell me but don't do it or anything in case it's unfashionable.
my lovely munks: shut up moron
greg the peanut: oh man my ass
Jesus Chrysler!: posting here to make people think that my stupid name wasn't picked by me and is the result of this thread
Closeknees: i was wondering what happened
Bacon Tape: this probably isnt happeneing anymore but im going to post here anyway
Saucy Lad: i want a silly name preaze
Cosby Time: ozma gave me this dumb name help me
HUGE DICK IN ASS: oh shit can you change mine please
Lamb Scam: decoded
ChuckNorrisaurus: My name can't be any worse so it's worth a shot.

Another thing that's only ok in fyad: parody threads.

Here's an example of how easy it is to get banned from any SA forum besides FYAD:

Note that Lowtax is the owner of SA. The Leper Colony, the list of users who've been banned or put on probation:

And here's what happens when an FYAD regular is promoted to forum moderator:

More silly shit:

Recently, Lowtax added a subforum to "Post Your Favorite", for the sole purpose of giving people a place to post threads along the lines of "I'm looking for that picture where..." rather than cluttering up GBS with that stuff. A member complained. Lowtax responded.

Doctor Tofu posted:
Forgive me for being bitter, but god damn - ANOTHER subforum? I really, truly don't understand that - if admins/mods don't want to see a particular kind of thread, why not outlaw them and put a note in the rules? If they do - why move it to a different subforum? What exactly is the idea of GBS, pray tell? Because as soon as any topic seems to gain popularity it's moved to yet another pointless (in my humble opinion) subforum - what is the point of GBS then, I ask again? Maybe making couple hundred subforums for every conceivable topic and deleting GBS would be the answer?

What the do you have to be "bitter" about? Oh holy shit, the admin of a forum you visit CREATED A SUBFORUM WITHOUT ASKING YOUR WORTHLESS, CLICHED OPINION FIRST. You weren't directly contacted regarding a matter that has absolutely nothing to do with you! It's bitter time, let's raise a stink about it in GBS to show the mods and admins how much you personally don't like their opinion and how you intrinsically know how to run a forum this large despite the fact you've never, ever, ever done such a thing your entire life!

Fuck you if you're too stupid to understand that I'm tired of gassing 5-10 threads a day asking for a specific video / image / song. Fuck you if you're such a faggot that you get "bitter" because I created a subforum on my own goddamn forums. My job here is to run a forum where people can be entertained and find what they're looking for without leaving a trail of trash and waste in their wake, and that's exactly what they were doing with the countless "find me X" threads in GBS. They had zero content to them, they were simply worthless pieces of garbage floating around and bumping legitimately interesting threads off the front page.

You've got no reason to be bitter. I however do, because every time I make any change to the forums, no matter how minute and inconsequential it may be, I'm always assaulted by a phalanx of dripping cunts bitching and moaning about how their precious forums have been ruined and nothing will ever be the same and it's 9/11 all over again. I'd don't want to just ban people like you, I want to physically transform myself into a string of 1s and 0s so I can fly through the Internet and leap out of your computer and cram my big fat steaming cock down your greasy throat so you'll at least temporarily stop mewling like the moist, bloated pussy you are.

But hey, go on bitching about the forums and trumpeting the same cliched garbage over and over again, just like the countless other whiny shits before you. "Wah, what ARE we supposed to post in GBS now?!?" Gee, I don't know, I think I see a few hundred pages of GBS threads that answer this question. But hey, don't let that stop you from your patented "irate forum user" bullshit canned reply that's posted in every thread I make regarding forum changes. Your precious GBS has been irreperably decimated now that I've created a subforum where people can post content-free personal requests; it's time to load up that sniper rifle and track down the belltower of your choice, Ace.

I'm putting you on probation because the forums are "really annoying" to you and I'm terribly afraid your fragile and highly developed HAL-like brain simply can't handle the grotesque mental overload associated with "creating a new forum." Maybe you can take some 10-step classes and eventually learn to deal with such an intrusive, destructive force in your life. Until then, go fuck a Buick.