(by The Metallian. Copied from LJ.) I need a bar graph to track my moods at work...

9:00 am - Hmmm, I think I might be able to finish this project today, even though it doesn't have to be finished until the end of tomorrow.

11:00 am - The guy who originally co-designed the site just gave me a great idea as to how to solve a problem! I'm totally going to finish today!

1:00 pm - Hmmm, that's not going to work. It may have worked 5 years ago when the site was first designed but not now. Apparently someone else developed an alternative technique for similar situations so I'll try using that.

3:00 pm - Well, shit, that technique doesn't really apply to my situation. I guess I can adapt the basic idea for my own purposes...

5:00 pm - Fuck this fucking website! Why is it designed so weird? Why are request parameters sometimes parameters and sometimes attributes, and vice versa? Who would do that? What are we, animals? I'm never going to finish this project in time!

6:30 pm - Finally, I have conquered all of my major obstacles! Everything should work now. I'll just test it and...WTF? Why won't it work? This makes no sense!!!! The information in the logs makes no sense! It's magic! Devil magic! I hate everything!

7:45 pm - Oh. Whoops. I slipped and put that one curly bracket about two lines before where it needed to go. That actually explains everything. Well, okay, what happens if I fix that and re-test everything...?

8:00 pm - I'm totally going to finish tomorrow!