Selected family and friends' Zerowing artwork.

NyQuil -- KB

Mac error -- KB


Cats -- KB

Alfred -- KB

MS Word Help -- Yoz

msconfig -- MB

Declaration -- Metallian

Google -- Yoz (this one wins the self-referential award)


From Adzuki:

> So can someone explain to me what does "All Your Base
> Are Belong to Us" actually means...
> Is it just pop culture graphics with a repetitve score
> and bad grammar?
> Am I missing something?

It's from a ~1987 video game (sega genesis/master
system/arcade) called zero wing. The company that produced
it didn't have money for a actual translater for the
english version, so somebody who had virtually no English
ability translated it. The translation made it popular, of

So, I hear that recently(?) a sega master system emulator
was released for the pc, and so that might have started the
resurgence. Mainly, though, a group of guys started
photoshopping AYBABTU into regular pics (which I hear
started about June 2000). More recently, people started
posting blank messages with the links into all sorts of
gaming and geek related web discussion boards -, That's why if you search
for "all your base are belong to us" you can't get anything
in google; all you get are the web boards. Somebody made
the mp3, and shortly after, I /think/ the same group made
the movie. I'd like to know how old the movie is, but I'm
guessing maybe a few months.