HTML Basics

January 2005

Marion Bates

HTML Basics Overview

What we’ll cover:

• A brief history of the World Wide Web
• Some basic networking/protocol details
• Basic HTML and webpage-building tips
• Uploading web files to a webserver

A Very Brief History
Tim Berners-Lee !
Before hypertext
DNS Crash Course
DNS Crash Course Page 2
DNS Crash Course Page 3
HyperText Transfer Protocol
HyperText Markup Language
How it Starts
It Needs A Head
It Needs A Body
How to Upload
How to Upload 2
How to Upload 3
How to Upload 4
How to Upload 5
How to Upload 6
Sprucing it up
Lots and Lots of Tags
Anatomy of the Anchor Tag
Anatomy of the Anchor Tag 2
More on Links
Combo Deal
Colors 2
Colors 3
Special text
Entities !
Entities ! 2
Positioning via Tables
Miscellaneous, if time allows
Getting Help