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Macintosh Security Basics - Presentation Notes

Fetch gets teeth

The “encrypt session” option is only available with the other security options; it will be grayed out for “cleartext password.”

Fetch’s “New Connection” window gains some new features when you install the Kerberos software. Notice the “Security” popup menu, and the “Encrypt session” checkbox. Remember that the FTP server must support the security option you choose, or Fetch has to default to the cleartext password option.

(By the way, this window’s font and color will look a little different if you use it under Classic. I took these screenshots in OS X. The information’s the same though.)

Fetch security options

Clicking on the Security menu reveals these options, both of which appear as a result of the Kerberos package we installed. If we used another security package supported by Fetch, we would see those options under this menu.

Consult the Fetch documentation to see what other security packages it supports.

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