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and ignored the rest, 99 percent of which are probably dead.)





Computers etc.





Friends and family

 Alpha Theta
Coed Fraternity

Lee Patterson
a.k.a. [whoopis]Amdusias

 [whoopis] Clan
(Team Fortress Classic)

 No Phase (a.k.a. Jared Boone)

Simply Dudeface.

entity web design and icons
(great icons and artwork)

 Palmetto Bugs Volkswagen Club



H/P/C, encryption, civil rights activism, etc.

2600 picture
2600 Magazine is The Hacker Quarterly. Find it; read it; expand your knowledge,before Big Brother makes doing so a federal offense. Here are a bunch of H/P/C + anarchy + free speech + electronic freedom sites.

Of historical interest -- do you know what this is?

Visit Space Rogue's "Whacked Mac Archives"
at the L0pht! The BEST source for Mac H/P philes.
Unfortunately, it's gone.

The 80s Textfile Archive
-- one of the most comprehensive sources
The Works - more textfile preservation, run by the admin of textfiles.com.
Cap'n Crunch's Home in Cyberspace
-- a phreaking pioneer
EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center
Cult of the Dead Cow - see for yourself.
Directory of /telecom-archives - general telefone info.
DigiCrime, Inc. - a FAKE hacking organization. Funny, though.
Anonymizer - use this to avoid being tracked while you surf.
Kevin Mitnick - official homepage. Learn about the government's total abuse of power.
PGP icon
Click here to download PGP!

RSA Homepage - read about the algorithm used in Zimmerman's controversial PGP software.
Beginners' Guide to Cryptography - a homepage
project, good overview of the basics.
Ronald L. Rivest: Cryptography and Security - more info
on encryption algorithms

Computers/Electronics/Other Geeky Stuff


Used Computer Exchange - prices for used Mac equipment
SARC - Virus Info Database
Altavista's Babelfish - online translator.
Lexis-Nexis - you can only use this if you're at a university, or can spoof an IP address. News and legal database.
Rogers Systems Specialist - computer parts and cables at low prices. Custom cables made to order.

Vintage Video Games and Computers

Vintage Computer Festival - lots of info and links.
No need for me to post my own -- they're all here.
Concise Atari Information
Undead Games: Classic Video Games and Classic Computers
Atari Gaming Headquarters Main Page

The Vectrex Archives - this guy is STILL
writing Vectrex games!
Atari 2600! - buy/sell/trade for all old systems.
B and C ComputerVisions (atari) - more stuff for sale.

History of Home Entertainment Thanks to Ms. Brookes for the suggestion!


INFO-MAC HyperArchive - searchable Info-Mac archives.
Apple Support and Information

Jumbo! - Macintosh - download shareware and updates.
Directory of /pub/tidbits - TidBITS newsletter.
UTexas Mac archive - freeware/shareware archive.
The ULTIMATE Macintosh - lots of updated Mac info and news.
Macworld Online Buyers Guide - good to consult before making a big purchase.
Macintosh FAQs - a large collection of Mac-related FAQ's.
Sun Remarketing - old Mac/Apple ][ parts, and new stuff.


American Science and Surplus - there's no way to describe this,
you just have to go there.
Alltronics - larger-scale electronics and computer parts.
Ramsey Electronics - pira...I mean, amateur radio supplies.
Mouser Electronics - components. Good prices,
no minimum order.
Contact East - great tools, but spendy.
Rainbow Electronic Kits

Nuts and Volts Magazine - electronics/robotics information.
Electronic Component Suppliers - great resource.
Emulation on the Macintosh

Atari 2600 - emulation nostalgia, and info.

Music, film, television, literature, academia, publications, etc.

The Digital Village - Douglas Adams/Hitchhiker's Guide fans, check this out! D.A.'s multimedia headquarters.
The Cantina - Star Wars stuff.
OLGA - On-Line Guitar Archive. Lots of bass stuff.
IMDB - Internet Movie Database.
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style - invaluable writing tool. The Grammar Page Deluxe.
Douglas Hofstadter's homepage - why I got into Cognitive Science.
Premiata Forneria Marconi - an Italian progressive rock band.
Advanced Book Exchange - search for rare and out-of-print books.
The Life of a Nerd - this journalism major publishes his diary on the web, and it's well-written and hilarious.

steal this image

Watch the only TV show worth watching -- that is, Law and Order. Wednesday nights, NBC, 10 pm, and reruns Monday through Friday on the A&E network. An episode airs at 1pm and 7pm, then another one runs at 11 pm and 3am (EDT). I recommend the reruns on A&E; the new season could be better than it is. However, the worst Law and Order episode is still better than the best episode of any other evening drama.

Law And Order Episode Guide - cast info also.
Brett's page - loyal fan.
David's L&O Page - another loyal fan.
NBC: Law & Order

Universal cHANnEL | Law & Order
L&O Mailing List Home Page - *the* site for you
obsessed fans. Trivia, fan fiction, actor bios, the works.
Ultimate TV List: Law and Order - info about the current season.

Miscellaneous Weird Stuff


Archimedes Plutonium - this is some deep shit, man.
Archimedes Plutonium again - more deep shit!
Atlantic Hurricane & Storm Tracking
Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars!


a.s.h - alt.suicide.holiday - NOT pro-suicide
L'Industrie De Meat - devoted to bad taste, or something.


And, a personal favorite of mine,

The Ebola Zaire Fan Club!

Ebola is a VERY successful disease. Congratulations to Ebola! 90% fatal! And a stunning electron micrograph, I might add. Makes a GREAT desktop pattern. If you do a search for ebola, you'll be surprised by the number of sites it'll turn up. This is one of the best. Voted "Most Successful Disease" by Internet users.

Why, oh why did Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque disappear? Those photos of a real murder/dismemberment
IN PROGRESS were unforgettable. Hard to find anything like it anywhere else, even on the web.

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